Walking trail - Lönnatäppet, Stilleryd

Address: Karlshamn Show map

Address: Karlshamn

1,5 km path for wandering with start near the parkingplace in Drösebo.

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First Hotel Carlshamn

Distance: 4.7 km
First Hotel Carlshamn is comfortably located downtown Karlshamn. The hotel, built in 1987 reflects the historic heritage and design of the early 20th-century market hall once located here.

Camp sites

Distance: 4.7 km
Our camp sites for tents and campers in Mörrum are located right by the riverside in a beautiful setting. Choose your date in the calendar.

Hotell Walhalla, Mörrum

Distance: 4.7 km
Whether you come to eat, fish, play golf or just relax, we would like to welcome you at Hotel Walhalla. Our goal is to make you feel at home.