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Glasgården in Mörrum

Area: Karlshamn  Map

Galleries & art, Design & handicraft A company that refines glass to beautiful art.

Handcraft made in Blekinge

Area: Karlshamn  Map

Buildings & heritage, Other, Design & handicraft Crafts shop with works by approximately 20 local artisans & craftsmen.

Högarör - Gravesite from the bronze age period

Area: Karlshamn  Map

Buildings & heritage, Park & Nature, Other At Sternö in Carlshamn is the largest burial mound in Blekinge.

Ire Natural and Cultural School

Area: Karlshamn  Map

Park & Nature A historically interesting natural reserve.

Ire school of nature and culture

Area: Karlshamn  Map

Children & Family, Other activities, Park & Nature Nature reserve with interesting cultural history.

Karlshamn Culture Quarter

Area: Karlshamn  Map

Guided tours, Buildings & heritage, Museums Feel the history in this charming part of Karlshamn.

Karlshamns Konsthall

Area: Karlshamn  Map

Sights, Buildings & heritage, Galleries & art Art Gallery in the Cultural Centre.

Kastellet - The Citadel

Area: Karlshamn  Map

Buildings & heritage, Churches, Archipelago Located on an island in the entrance to Karlshamn guest harbour.

Kreativum Science Center

Area: Karlshamn  Map

Other Rediscover humanity, nature and technology.

Långasjön's leisure area

Area: Karlshamn  Map

Park & Nature, Other Leisure area north of Asarum.


Area: Karlshamn  Map

Children & Family, Other Karlshamn Municipality has got several librarys.

Madde Rumberg

Area: Karlshamn  Map

Sights, Galleries & art Paintings, sculpture & illustration

Maritime Museum - Sjöfartsmuseet

Area: Karlshamn  Map

Museums Located in the southern part of the town centre in Karlshamn.

Möllegårdens Skolmuseum

Area: Karlshamn  Map

Museums Municipality oldest school and best preserved school located in Svängsta

Mörrum River - Kungsforsen in Mörrum

Area: Karlshamn  Map

Buildings & heritage, Park & Nature, Other The streaming river offers many magnificent environments.

Mörrums Kronolaxfiske

Area: Karlshamn  Map

Park & Nature The salmon fishing in Mörrum river is world famous.

Nature- and wildlife

Area: Karlshamn  Map

Park & Nature Experience Carlshamns nature in many different guises.

Park and natural wonders

Area: Karlshamn  Map

Park & Nature Carlshamns 'green oasis' and beautiful gardens.

Punsch museum

Area: Karlshamn  Map

Sights, Museums Unique museum in the Cultural Centre of Karlshamn.


Area: Karlshamn  Map

Park & Nature Beautiful park located near the city center.

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